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Help Us Raise Funds

Click the link below to start your very own Facebook fundraiser to help us raise funds so we can continue to donate urns and assist people struggling.  You will be able to customize it by choosing how much money you wish to raise,  choose when your fundraiser should end, add a custom title, tell people why you are raising money for our nonprofit Heroin Support and finally you can upload a special cover photo for your fundraiser.  

Fundraising Success Tips

  • Tell a good story. 
  • Add a photo, and let people know why they should donate.
  • Keep supporters updated.  
  • Post updates on your fundraiser to share your progress.
  • After you set up your fundraiser you can share it with friends.  
  • Connect friends to your cause to build momentum toward your goal.

People create fundraisers on Facebook 

Facebook charges no fees for donations to nonprofits. All donations will go directly to the nonprofit you chose.

Click this Link and then click on the "Raise Money" button on the Facebook page that pops up to begin your personal fundraiser benefiting our nonprofit.